December 2015

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Jeni PraterDecember 6 (December 4th)

Michael Blackburn – The Listeners (December 7th)

Derek Baril – Stay with Me: Vignettes for the Absent-Hearted: Brothers (December 11th)*

Gayane Haroutyunyan – Cold and Beautiful (December 14th)

Fred Senese – The Night the Moon Never Rose (December 18th)**

Carolyn Martin – Storm Advisory (December 21st)***

Chris Barili – The Shriveled Boy (December 25th)

D.A. Gray – Come Winter (December 28th)

*This is the second of five installments from this collection.

**This story will also appear in Spark: A Creative Anthology, Volume X.

***This poem previously appeared in Spark: A Creative Anthology, Volume V.

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