Rights & Rates

Payment Method

We make payment through PayPal. This method enables the most accurate payment tracking, fastest payment, and simplest currency conversion from U.S. dollars for payments to International contributors.

If you do not have a PayPal account and can get one, please do so. If you cannot create a PayPal account, please ask a friend to receive payment for you. We will not send paper checks.

First Publication

When your work is accepted by Zetetic and you accept our offer to publish it, we are purchasing worldwide exclusive First Publication rights to display your work in electronic format on our web site for twelve months from acceptance or six months from publication, whichever is earlier, and a perpetual non-exclusive worldwide license from the date of publication to continue to display it on our web site.

The purpose of the perpetuity clause is to recognize the nature of web sites and the longevity of content posted to them—not to control your work indefinitely. Therefore, you may revoke the perpetual license in writing at any time after twelve months following publication and we will make every effort to purge your work from all systems under our control.

You agree to allow us to store your work in our database for the purpose of displaying it on our web site without granting us the right to transmit or distribute your work to any third party except by displaying on our web site and except in the following situations:

(For example, we may provide early access to your work to patrons who have made donations in support of Zetetic or the Empire & Great Jones Creative Arts Foundation. We may also make this piece available to subscribers, reviewers, and others, in whole or in part, as part of promoting your work during the exclusive period.

In these situations, you agree that we may use distribution systems not entirely under our control, including but not limited to direct e-mail, crowdfunding sites, and social media. In no case are we allowed to display or distribute your work in any form outside of the web site we control after the end of the exclusive period without your explicit and written permission.

We agree to clearly attribute your work to you wherever it is used, no matter the format.)

For First Publication works, we pay 2¢ per word or $20 per work, whichever is more. We no longer negotiate higher rates for professionally-published authors and poets; instead we’ve adopted a “Rising Tide Raises All Ships” approach to increase rates unilaterally. Our long-term goal is to pay pro rates to every contributor, regardless of publication history.

Estimate your minimum payment at wordcount.egjpress.org.

Other Media and Adaptations

At this time, we do not have resources to adapt your manuscript or artwork to audio, video, or other media. Therefore, we purchase only text rights. You retain all rights to adapt or distribute your work as audio, video, stageplay, screenplay, three-dimensional sculpture, holograph, interpretive dance, or any other non-textual derivative format.


All rates are U.S. Dollars.

Payment Schedule

We agree to pay you within 10 days of publication. However, our long-term goal is to pay within 10 days of acceptance, and we will always exert every effort to pay you as soon as possible. If we reach or pass 10 days after publication and you have not received payment, please contact us immediately as it indicates an accounting error on our part.

Word Counts

Word count algorithms vary from one application to another: Enter the same text in three different word processors, and you will get three different results.

We calculate payment using the free online word count tool at wordcount.egjpress.org. We use this tool because we know it is available to both you and to us, does not require any specific software, and does not submit or store your text to any server.

We want to be transparent about our word count process so that there are no surprises or disagreements when we make an offer of acceptance. We encourage you to check your word count against the word count tool before submitting.

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