Cold grey and beautiful
send me off
to tame the tigers of you
to draw the punctured line of you
with the funny stink and the greedy breath of you
the old man’s mouth of you

Cold never black and beautiful
like life
for I see the rising planes of you
the barely here of you
enclosed in the alchemy of you
and the speaking stones of neon bliss of you

Cold red and beautiful
like love with its promise
so stunning
there is no need
for its graceful manifest of you

the silent
laugh of you
to the hidden
cry of you
New York

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—Gayane M. Haroutyunyan lives in Los Angeles, California. Her work has appeared in Chaparral online literary journal. She has graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in New York.

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  1. Stanley BT
    Stanley BT
    at · Reply

    I’ve read several of your poems in different journals. Do you have a book of your poetry I can buy?

  2. Gayane
    at · Reply

    Hi , Stanley. Thank you for your comment. I don’t have a book out just yet. You can email me and I’ll send you some poems. [email protected]

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