Take the hard-left turn just short
of nowhere.  There is no radio out
here, just voiceless static.

The rattle of urban life will have
already been far behind you.
I doubt you will miss it much.

If you drive too slow, even on this
winding road, a jeering man with stray
gray hair will be on your tail.

He drives an angry pick-up, and he’s kind
of like the boatman of the river out here.
Except he swears a lot and chews tobacco.

An old lady will meet you.  She does
not smile because her mouth has been
empty for centuries.  She is kind though.

You won’t miss it much, the real world.
If you ever go back (which—spoiler alert—
isn’t possible) reality will be nonsense.

For now and ever, enjoy your chores
and don’t bother with trying to turn the
car over.  The road goes in circles.

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JD DeHart is a writer and teacher. His first poetry collection, The Truth About Snails, is available on Amazon and he is currently at work on another. DeHart blogs at JD DeHart – Reading and Literature Resources

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