When your father crossed the divider,
the only thing that saved you
was a Green Lantern pin
embedded in your baseball cap,
deflecting the glass just enough
to save your eye.

You wore that crooked scar
to my cousin’s wedding
but no one noticed.
Even the pictures
kept that secret
with the eerie reflection
from the stained glass
windows of the Apostles
hovering over all of our faces.

Later at the backyard reception
after we kissed,
you picked a dandelion,
popped off the yellow head,
snapped your fingers
and said:

That’s how fast things change.

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—Kristin Fullerton lives in upstate New York. She is a proud alumna of both Elmira College and University at Albany. Previous work has appeared in Devilfish Review, Up the River Volume 4, and online at Strong Verse.

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